Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An Expression of Outrage

Despite the title of this post, I cannot even begin to truly express my outrage at some recent news from Staten Island, New York.

The short version of it is this: a bus driver, named Robert Fischetti, was responsible for taking an eight-year-old autistic boy, P.J. Rossi, to school. P.J.'s parents aparently thought that something was off about his treatment there because one day, they sent him to school with a tape recorder in his packpack.

What the tape recorder captured was unconscionable. To give just one example, the bus matron responded to P.J.'s screams of pain with, and I quote: "Shut up, shut up, shut up, you little dog!"

Not, mind you, that the driver was much better. Fischetti's response? "Good one!".

The Department of Education called their behavior "inhuman" and promised that he would be kept away from kids.

Now, a few years later, Fischetti's back on the road, driving kids to school.

Disabled kids, at that.

And I feel sick. It's a shame -- I was having a pretty good day before I heard about this.

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