Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's finals season!

There are many annoyances involved in a postgraduate education. One of them is the nature of finals season. Namely, rather than a simple exam, grad school "finals" usually involve take-home essay assignments when they're not outright final projects.

I've been working on mine for quite a while now. It's really annoying and takes away from my ability to work on other things... like this blog.

Given that my main perseveration is human nature and I'm in a psychology program, it's not quite as bad as it could be. Unfortunately, however, a lot of the questions have absolutely nothing to do with my areas of interest.

Or, simply put, I want to learn about autism, not encopresis.

I am, in the background, quietly working on a sort of all-purpose answer to the question of what my opinion of ABA is. I call it "A Tale of Two Doctors" and it's basically a side-by-side biography of Matthew Israel and Ogden Lindsley. It's pretty hard to find better exemplars of the worst and best (respectively) of behavior analysis.

I figure I'll have time to finish it approximately whenever I finish my finals... plus a week or so. Biographical information on Israel is not easy to obtain. So far, I've been mostly relying on his interview with Mother Jones Magazine.

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