Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quiet Time Humor

At my practicum site, there's a period called "Quiet Time" or, alternatively, "Nap Time". It's a period after lunch when we pull out the cots, turn out the lights, and (usually) turn on some soothing music.

This is done because of the belief that preschool children need an afternoon nap. While many of the kids agree, many others... don't.

As of late, I've been implementing a non-contingent reinforcement strategy for decreasing one child's disruptive behavior during this time period. Translated into colloquial speach, instead of behavior analytical jargon, this means that I've been giving him some toys to keep him from getting bored and raising a fuss.

Apparently, he has nicknames for at least some of the puzzles in the classroom, too. One of them is particularly worthy of note. The puzzle itself is fairly simple -- a wooden piece depicting a dentist at work in his office.

The kid's nickname? "Scary man puzzle".

I laughed.

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