Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Bit More on Autreat

In a recent discussion in an online forum, I attempted to explain Autreat to several parents of autistic children. In the process of doing so, I made a statement which I realized managed to capture a good bit of the Autreat experience in a few short sentences. To wit:

It was a serious autism conference, with a very illustrious set of both attendees and presenters... the llama thing and the make-your-own-kalimba lessons notwithstanding.


  1. oh boy-that was really a tongue in cheek referance..I meant no offence...please tell me you looked it SEEMS like you did...but, if you didn't you might want to before someone else does...

  2. I did look it up, actually, but didn't find anything. I'm usually prety decent at puzzling my way through odd metaphorical language, though. In this case, that means that I'm aware of the... hmm. Yeah, I probably should edit that line out.

    For some reason, I'm better at spotting this stuff at three in the morning than I am during the day. Not sure why.