Saturday, August 1, 2009

My First FBA

I completed my first FBA yesterday. For reasons of confidentiality, I won't get too much into just what it was about, but it ran into a number of ethical issues (not the least of which is that the child in question is transitioning into Kindergarten in around a week).

That said, I'm particularly proud of one line from my suggested behavior plan, which I managed to get my supervisors to approve. The line in question is under the heading of "suggested preventative strategies" and reads:
  • Allow [the child] to engage in harmless types of self-regulatory behavior.

The plan goes on to define "self-regulatory behavior" as explicitly including (but not being limited to) rocking and hand-flapping.

Of course, this is also followed by a line stating that any behavior which poses a physical danger to the child or his peers or cannot be accomidated within classroom activities is not harmless. It does, however, state that reasonable steps to accomidate this sort of thing within said activities (such as leaving room between him and other students so that he doesn't accidentally hit them while hand-flapping or providing a rocking chair for some seated activities) should be taken.

Aaah, if only all behavior plans had that sort of line...

Edit: Corrected a minor typo (the "m" in "limited" was missing).

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  1. Alexander, wish you had been there to help write my son's first IEP!