Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Little Gem

I came across the following quote while reading Snodgrass, 1992 as part of my research into quackery:

Methylation of mercury compounds increases their ability to enter the CNS and
also prolongs their stay in the body. Since mercuric ions can be biomethylated
by cobalamins, persons taking large doses of folate and B12 may be more likely
to be harmed by mercury should they contact it. (p. 51-52)

The irony here is pretty spectacular.


Snodgrass, S. R. (1992). Vitamin neurotoxicity. Molecular Neurobiology, 6, 41-73.


  1. Why yes, it is. They'd never see it or admit it, though.

  2. People need to know more about how various nutrients interact! (Not that mercury is a nutrient... but it's stunning to think that overindulgence in a nutrient can make you more susceptible to other things)