Thursday, November 1, 2012

On Autistics Speaking Day

Today is, once again, Autistics Speaking Day. Through happy coincidence, it also happens to be part of the early voting period in my state's election cycle during a major national election.

I live in Florida. Those of you familiar with practical politics here in the US should have some idea of what this means regarding the significance of my vote.

Guess what? I chose to make my voice heard in a far more significant way than a mere blog post.

It took, as it happens, about forty minutes, most of which was spent in a line. For those of you who go, I recommend bringing a book -- the paper kind -- because the legality of cell phones and the like in voting areas is... well, an issue. It's illegal to use them here; no idea about elsewhere.

And, if the person reading this happens to be a politician? Yes, people with disabilities vote.

And that means that we can vote for (or against) you.

In the end, as I said, that's far more important than a mere blog post. Today, for me, was not just Autistics Speaking Day.

It was Autistics Voting Day.

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