Thursday, June 18, 2009

Autistic Pride Day

Today is Autistic Pride Day. Frankly, I hadn't planned to really celebrate it -- I have too much on my plate right now to take time off for something like that.

That said, it's certainly been one for the history books.

I woke up and find news of a new study, one which looks like it may be a breakthrough on par with Pasteur's pitri dish when it comes to the education of autistics.

No, this isn't an understatement.

Of course, "may be" is the operative phrase. All I have so far are the mass-media accounts and the article abstract. While Michelle Dawson, one of the study authors, was kind enough to e-mail me the study earlier this afternoon, I haven't read it yet.

Still, hearing about the paper got me excited enough that I missed my exit on the way to my practicum and barely got there on time. I spent most of the day like this, really -- my autistic forgetfulness (for lack of a better term) comes out more when I'm emotional.

My practicum was interesting, but I've been working with NT kids as of late (the children at Baudhuin have been out since the 5th), so I won't discuss that more.

I also went to Nova's medical library to check out a few books for a lit review assignment I'm working on.

Then I drove back to Weston (making a series of forgetful errors on the way, this time due to issues in my personal life), and spent a while searching for florists with specific (and fairly obscure) knowledge.

When I finally got home, I sent out a few e-mails, read a few news stories, recieved the study I mentioned above shortly thereafter, and started preparing for class. While doing the above, I spent a while playing with a hyperactive boxer (who wouldn't leave me alone otherwise) and comforting a three-legged dog who's terrified of thunderstorms.

And then I had a professionalism and ethics class... intended for behavior analysts. Considering how... off... I think our ethics textbook is (it's a future blog entry whenever I get around to writing it), that about speaks for itself.

And I'll be going to bed shortly since I have to get up early tomorrow. Joy.

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